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August 19, 2022

Uploading the audience from CDP into ad accounts helped restaurant consulting company italy&co. reduce lead costs by 2.5 times

  • GoalsOptimize advertising by reducing lead costs and increasing conversion rates
  • SolutionsAutomatically transfer audiences to ad accounts using the Mindbox Ad Optimization module
  • Results60% reduction in lead acquisition cost from $5 to $2
  • 23% increase in contextual advertising revenue
  • 41% increase in delivery process conversions
  • 25% increase in overall table reservations
  • 15% boost in contextual advertising ROI
  • TeamHead of Digital Marketing at italy&co., Loyalty Product Owner, and Mindbox managers
  • ITTilda website, iiko ERP system, marketing automation platform
  • Business scale15 restaurants in 2 large cities

italy&co. is a vibrant community of restaurant experts that manages 15 restaurants and develops delivery and consulting services. The first restaurants were opened in 2010.

Anastasia Sokolnikova

Anastasia Sokolnikova, Head of Digital Marketing at italy&co.

The restaurant expert community italy&co. has been collecting and segmenting audiences in CDP since mid-2020. November 2021 marked the beginning of the Ad Optimization module integration. The initial goal was testing the ads on audience segments that showed high conversion in campaigns. Advertising to a prepared audience reduced the cost of the lead by 2.5 times and increased the number of conversions by 41%. This is the first success story regarding the Ad Optimization module. I believe it will definitely be interesting to all companies working with CDP and attracting customers via targeted advertising.


Our key achievement is reducing lead acquisition costs by 60% by targeting “hot” guest databases (i.e., those who are in a position to proceed with their purchase).

Secondary effects include a 41% increase in delivery conversions; 23% increase in contextual advertising revenue, and 15% increased ROI.

Setup instructions are simple and clear, so it takes only a short time to get started. No additional integrations are required. Once set up, we immediately launched advertising campaigns and managed to receive results by the second week.

The Ad Optimization module is definitely worth trying for any business that already has databases in Mindbox that generate results in the framework of email marketing. The module allows you to apply them in other channels, which creates a funnel for a specific audience. What’s more, you can use the most personalized offers for each audience segment. The marketing omnichannel has been continually developing thanks to the Ad Optimization module.

Anastasia Sokolnikova

Anastasia Sokolnikova, Head of Digital Marketing at italy&co.

The marketing omnichannel has been developing thanks to the Ad Optimization module


↓ 60 %
Lead acquisition costs decreased
+ 23 %
Contextual ad revenue increased
+ 41 %
Delivery conversions increased
+ 25 %
Table reservations increased
+ 15 %
Contextual ad ROI increased
Based on the internal reporting of italy&co., month-over-month, before and after the implementation of the Ad Optimization module. The Last Click Attribution method and Assisted Conversions reports are used.

Why we decided to integrate the CDP and Ad Optimization modules


Initially, we integrated Mindbox in order to boost email marketing. The platform allowed us to categorize guests, see the customer journey and access analytics, including heat maps.

Thanks to Mindbox, we can manage metrics, form hypotheses, and work more efficiently. We have achieved great results:

— 8% total revenue share from email marketing,

— 62% increase in email channel revenue,

— 720% ROI,

— 26% open rate.

We decided to integrate the Ad Optimization module in order to test the audiences collected in Mindbox. These are customers that are already “warm”, who have used our delivery and show a high conversion rate.

Anastasia Sokolnikova

Anastasia Sokolnikova, Head of Digital Marketing at italy&co.

ROI has reached 720%

How the Ad Optimization module works at italy&co.

Before the module was integrated, the company’s marketers unloaded databases from the CRM system and set up advertising according to them. The average cost of the lead ranged from $2 to $5.

The Ad Optimization module made it possible to automate this process, so now audience segments are transferred to Google and Facebook. Ad accounts receive all customer information known to the CDP.

This, for example, makes it possible to find customers in churn and show them ads in order to reactivate this segment or launch a look-alike for the most valuable customers. As a result, the cost of customer attraction decreases, and the conversion rate increases.


We use the Ad Optimization module mainly for the audience who uses the delivery services. Due to COVID restrictions, traffic in restaurants decreased, so it was important for us not only to increase the number of delivery orders but also to switch this segment to offline. Everything worked out! The advertising campaign brought us a 25% conversion rate when it came to table reservations.

We receive maximum conversions from customers who have not ordered for more than 10 days. We use them to build an advertising funnel: a reminder that they haven’t ordered for a long time and an offer of a free dish → standard delivery promotion → creative idea for reservations.


In order to analyze the results, we use Facebook Ads Manager analytics, while the social network pixels on the websites help us track the number of purchases and transactions. Moreover, we check the data in  CRM systems. Sometimes there might be certain drawbacks, but thanks to UTM tags, we can see the broader picture.

Anastasia Sokolnikova

Anastasia Sokolnikova, Head of Digital Marketing at italy&co.

Our future plans for using the Ad Optimization module. We are going to launch advertising campaigns for new segments such as members of our club and those who reserved tables on our website, as well as create personalized offers for each of them.

P.S. In this article we mentioned our Customer Data Platform (CDP) and the Ad Optimization module. Find out more about these modules on their pages or by speaking to one of our consultants.