The Kinash story: Manual mailing automation and a 2x Revenue Increase.

2 Oct ‘19

Kinashsport logoKinash is a sports equipment store.They provide everything for volleyball, running, basketball and football. The audience of Kinash is 35 thousand customers. The site is based on Bitrix, their back office is built on 1C.

In this post we will share with you how a Kinash marketer no longer needs to spend any time on creating newsletters for promotions. He saves 8 hours a month, making segmented mailings for smaller audiences of deeply interested customers.

Revenue growth was also experienced by Kinash — their email channel share grew to 6% of their total revenue. Kinashes Chief marketing officer, Anton Vesyolov will also share his view on things.

The situation prior to Mindbox

Before switching to Mindbox, Kinash marketers could only send manual mailings from another service. Automation required IT improvements. Besides this, the previous platform they used did not allow them to track sales data from email newsletters. And it was limited in the ability to segment by on-website behavior and purchase histories.

What was to be improved

When migrating to Mindbox, the following was important for Kinash:

  1. Automate communications and reduce time spent creating manual mailings.
  2. Segment customers by their behavior.
  3. Increase email channel conversions


Kinash evaluates the work of Mindbox with three criteria:

  • The revenue share of the email flow relative to the total revenue of the online store.
  • The amount of effort needed from a marketer to prepare mailings.
  • Customer feedback 🙂
    Anton Vesyolov, CMO at Kinash, will go over that.

Project Numbers


automatic campaigns
launched on the project


monthly marketer hours saved
on preparing automatic mailings


average revenue share
from mailings relative to total
revenue over six months

Email channel revenue share relative to total online store revenue

The share from mailings relative to the total income of the store is a critical business indicator when evaluating work done.. Since the channels launch, the percentage has increased from 3% to ~ 6%.. Data from a consolidated Mindbox newsletter summary report.

Revenue share from email newsletters after the Mindbox integration

Revenue share from email newsletters after the Mindbox integration
A sharp revenue increase in May: launched automatic communications with personal recommendations and a discount digest, more details below

Marketer effort in preparing emails

Prior to the Mindbox integration, the Kinash marketer had to manually create 1-4 mailings on a weekly basis. This process took about 2 hours a week. Now, most mailings became automatic.

This saved approximately 8 hours per month. And the manual mailings which are being sent now became more whole. For example, the marketer can now send a newsletter to clients which viewed products from the football boot and futsal ball sections.

An example of a segment for a manual mailing: customers who were interested in categories of boots, futsal balls, etc. or bought them before.
An example of a segment for a manual mailing: customers who were interested in categories of boots, futsal balls, etc. or bought them before.
Anton Vesyolov Anton Vesyolov,
Head of Marketing and e-sales Kinash

Kinash Marketing Director Opinion

«Integrating Mindbox as a mailing service was initially viewed as a way to reduce employee time spent on preparing these mailings.

As a result, we received a qualitatively new email marketing approach. We can see our client’s behavior and their reactions to individual letters. We test different appeals to a client in the subject of the email. We also learned to understand which topics are opened and liked the most, and which type of content is most clickable. We received feedback from clients in the form of gratitude for sending them letters relevant to their needs.

Now the employee previously responsible for these emails spends his time on client selection and sampling in order to provide them with a line up of relevant products. . We can see the positive aspect of switching to such a system in the form of revenue and conversion increases».

How email marketing was automated for Kinash

To make email marketing more personalized and reduce workload for the marketer, a one time integration was carried out the site based on «Bitrix» and the back office based on «1C». Following this, we launched 13 automatic communication scenarios. Now, let’s go over key scenarios, thanks to which the marketer now spends less time on mailings: personalised recommendations and a selection of popular products with a discount.

Personalized recommendations

While a customer is browsing products, exploring catalog categories, adding products to his shopping cart and completing orders, Mindbox collects data into a single customer profile and stores this information permanently.

From the data collected, machine learning compiles personalized recommendations based on what products other customers, similar to the mailing recipient, are interested in.

Personal recommendations are individual for each recipient and are sent once a month only, and in case the customer hasn’t bought anything but remains interested in the store. For example, he opens mailings, looks at products.

Newsletter Open Rate Click Rate Conversion per order Average bill
Personal recommendations 50,2% 15,8% 0,477% 8 343 rubles
Example of a personalized recommendation letter
Example of a personalized recommendation letter

A selection of popular products with a discount

Previously, a marketer manually collected products with special offers and sent them across the entire email subscriber base. After transitioning to Mindbox, this scenario was automated: products are automatically selected amongst the most popular ones with a discount from 15%.

The letter won’t be sent in case that client received a newsletter digest or bought something in the last two weeks.

Newsletter Open Rate Click Rate Conversion per order Average bill
Personal recommendations 19,7% 3,8% 0,08% 5 925 rubles
Example of a discount digest letter
Example of a discount digest letter


We integrated with the site using «Bitrix» as a base and «1C» back-office, set up 13 automatic scripts, increased the email channel share to 6%, took some routine work off our marketer and received positive feedback from Kinash clients. In the future, we plan on improving existing mechanics using A/B tests.

This success story was prepared by

Timothy Sigitov,

Timothy Sigitov,Project manager

Phillip Volnov

Phillip Volnov,Leading manager and material writer

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