HTML editor released

31 Jul ‘17

Hi Everyone,

Today, we’d like to discuss how to edit a form-filled message in our new HTML editor.

Often, you find a typo after you’ve uploaded a template and need to fix it ASAP. Previously, you would have had to rebuild the archive and upload again. Now, our HTML editor can help:

How is it better?

  • You can now work with messages right away. The layout is always at hand and can be edited instantly.
  •  If you’re testing a message, you don’t have to mess with a bunch of archives. Instead, you can correct the message and send a test letter from one screen.
  • Our HTML editor includes nice text highlights and helps you to avoid various layout errors. Unclosed tags and incorrect attributes get highlighted.
  • If you’ve already prepared the letter layout, you don’t need to upload the template by URL or ZIP file. You can paste it directly into the HTML template in the editor.
  • We’ve also prepared a little surprise. The HTML editor has prompts for the most common parameters in the template engine.

This short video shows how to create a new HTML template and use the prompts:


Composing messages is now even more convenient. You can check test letters faster. This makes working more pleasant.

Happy marketing!

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