All-in-one Marketing CDP to boost your revenue

Increase revenue by building end-to-end omnichannel communication based on a unified customer profile


White glove service is included

Integrations, data move and the platform set-up, campaign strategy based on the best marketing practices, its execution and iterative optimization.

Launch more
marketing campaigns

Custom campaigns for every stage of the customer journey will help you reach audience with personalized messages via their favorite channels.

Explore the
roadmap to success

Get a campaign plan aligned with the customer journey before joining Mindbox and launch your first bulk and automated campaigns just one week post-implementation.

For customer-centric B2C business

Mindbox is new in the U.S., but our software has already proven its efficiency on global markets. The best results achieved by B2C companies demonstrated up to 25% added revenue.

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Google Analytics
Added revenue associated with email campaigns based on Google Analytics data
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Tim Kremenetskiy,
CEO of Blossom Flower Delivery

As a result of working with Mindbox, we are now able to generate more than 20 sales from our emails every day, which has had a major impact on our business.

ROI in 41 days
Elena Lozhkina,
Marketing & E-commerce director

We successfully launched an omnichannel loyalty program and managed to increase revenue from automared campaigns by 300% in 8 months.

to revenue in 8 months
Maxim Ladovir,
Head of Digital

We’ve increased the revenue
of our direct marketing by 21.6%
in just eight months.

to revenue in 8 months
Arthur Roschenko,
Head of Digital Sales

We receive additional revenue from loyalty program participants due to their more frequent purchases.

extra revenue in 6 months
Mario Bounas,
VP, Global Marketing

I’d say one of the key elements
for us is account management. These guys have been there throughout it all, working with us.

emoji boom

Help your marketing team perform better with a holistic platform

Start with a few simple email campaigns and expand your marketing potential at any time. Mindbox comes will all the tools you could need at any stage of your business: from building a loyalty program to utilizing your mobile app for direct communications.

Compare stacks
Typical multitech
logo mindbox
Typical multitech

Features: ESP, Loyalty, CDP, Pop-up, Mobile pushes, Recommendation

Different plugins and integrations

All-in-one Different plugins and integrations

Share of total revenue
generated by personalization



Average yearly tech spend

 $60,000 / yearK

$24,000 / yearK

Automated campaigns and
segments managed

 11 campaigns

71 campaigns

Hours spent on data
management routine

 40h / month

6h / month

Average support response time


5 min

Mindbox pricing is calculated based
on what you use with no hidden charges

Ivan Borovikov,
Founder of Mindbox

Ivan Borovikov