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Launch 30 personalized
automated workflows in 30 Days

Save 50% on martech costs with an all-in-one marketing platform

Reduce your marketing
routine by 80%

Results, not just software

Our efficiency enables us to deliver results along with white-glove service at a competitive subscription price. No upfront fee or long-term commitments.

icon Dedicated customer success manager

Dedicated customer success manager will take care of workflows launch and optimization

icon Dedicated customer success manager

Subscription starts at $1200/month. Manage the cost by deciding which modules you use and how much data you store in the CDP. No hidden costs. Cancel anytime.

No hidden costs. Cancel anytime.

icon Dedicated customer success manager

100% refund if you cancel the subscription before the first campaigns are launched

Omnichannel campaigns
orchestrated with ease

Mindbox is the only tool you need to manage the entire customer experience — from D2C communications, to a loyalty program, website and discount personalization, and ultra-targeted ads.

For customer-centric B2C businesses

Personalization is an essential aspect of any marketing strategy and can amount up to 25% of your revenue. We’ve seen companies from all industries leverage personalization to increase the share of income generated by their marketing:

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    Auto & Logistics
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    Kids stores
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    Property & Development
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    Sport & Fitness
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    Tourism & Leisure
Google Analytics
Added revenue associated with email campaigns, based on last-click attribution data from Google Analytics

What our clients have to say

Same-day delivery across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico • 850,000 customers

Blossom Flower Launched 38 Automated Campaigns over the Course of a Month and Received a ROI of 426% On Marketing Automation

ROI in 41 days
Tim Kremenetskiy
Tim Kremenetskiy,
CEO of Blossom Flower Delivery

Puzzle manufacturer with worldwide distribution • 240,000 customers

Unidragon achieved a 195% ROI by connecting Mindbox to their Shopify stores — without a developer

ROI in 3 months
Chief Marketing Officer

12,500 restaurants and 11 million guests daily, worldwide

Burger King’s Loyalty Program Participants Generate 52% More Revenue than Non-Participating Customers

extra revenue in 6 months
Arthur Roshchenko
Arthur Roshchenko,
Head of Digital Sales

6000 brick-and-mortar stores in 120 countries

How Benetton Launched an Omnichannel Loyalty Program with Paroduct Recommendations Based on ML-driven Cross-channel Campaigns

Alex Vologodsky
Alex Vologodsky,
E-commerce Director

More than 20,000 employees in over 100 countries • $4.9 billion global sales in 2020

Miele Increased Their Revenue from Personalized Marketing by 21.6%

to revenue in 8 months
Maxim Ladovir
Maxim Ladovir,
Head of Digital Marketing

3 regional retail stores
and an online store

Marketing Automation at Birkenstock Helped the Company Change Their Organizational Structure, Find and Fix Sales Funnel Bottleneck, and Increase Sales

ROI from marketing automation
Alexander Lezgin
Alexander Lezgin,
CRM marketing manager of Brandpool East

The world’s market leader in perfumery and cosmetics • 12 premium brands in the Luxe division

L’Oréal Luxe Doubled Revenue from CRM Communications and Launched the Lancôme Loyalty Program

revenue from CRM communications
Evgeniia Sergeenko
Evgeniia Sergeenko,
Head of CRM
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  • burger-king.svg
  • metro
  • kfc
  • underarmour
  • birkenstock
  • incanto
  • mothercareby
  • jbl
  • nespresso
  • crocs
  • gap
  • quicksilver
  • oriflame

What will change after you implement Mindbox

Mindbox can help you save money on your martech stack while improving your customer experience with dozens of sophisticated marketing workflows. And that’s not all:

Without Mindbox
logo mindbox

Features: ESP, Loyalty, CDP, Pop-ups, Mobile pushes, Recommendations

Different plugins and technologies

One platform / Different plugins and technologies

Share of total revenue
generated by personalization



Average yearly tech spend

 $60,000 / yearK

$24,000 / yearK

Automated workflows and
segments managed

 11 workflows

71 workflows

Hours spent on data
management routine

 40h / month

6h / month

Average support response time


5 min

Dedicated customer success manager



Number of email, web and
mobile push notifications


Unlimited / Limited

Integrations, data move and
premium support



icon subscription starts

Subscription starts at $1200/month. Manage the cost by deciding which modules you use and how much data you store in the CDP. No hidden costs. Cancel anytime.

Subscription starts at $1200/month. Manage the cost by deciding which modules you use and how much data you store in the CDP

No hidden costs. Cancel anytime.

Ivan Borovikov,
Founder of Mindbox

Ivan Borovikov