Success stories
Nationwide flower delivery service Blossom Flower launched 38 automated campaigns over the course of a month and received a ROI of 426% on marketing automation
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Platform Updates in October: Self-Managed Subscription and Improvements in the CDP, Campaigns and Recommendations
Elfsight: How Marketing Automation Can Benefit a SaaS Company for Small Businesses
Key Platform Updates in September: New Campaign Interface and Seamless Email-to-App Redirection
Beethoven's Story: How The Pet Store Chain Uses a Neural Network to Forecast Best Sending Time, Segments Its Audience, Uses Targeted Bulk Campaigns, and Reactivates Its Invalid Database
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Platform Updates in August: A/B Tests for Communication Chains and Reliable Loyalty Programs
12.5% of publishers now join via emails. How Admitad Partner Network automated communications with webmasters
Uploading the audience from CDP into ad accounts helped restaurant consulting company Italy & Co. reduce lead costs by 2.5 times
Decathlon launched a loyalty program in 62 stores and identified 44% of offline purchases in three months
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Key platform updates in July: campaign A/B tests and ready-made integrations for ad accounts
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Key platform updates in June 2022: New Pop-up Templates, Money-saving Loyalty Program Improvements and Easier Integrations
How Jivo Increased Conversions to the Paid Version by 35.5% in their Welcome Email Chain
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The 5 Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes
Marketing Automation for the OctaZone mobile training app
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SMS Messages − Pros and Cons of the Communication Channel and Campaign Examples
Travel Affiliate Network Automated Direct Marketing and Reduced Affiliate Churn
46 Triggers are Better than 133: How Panasonic Carried Out a Triggered Email Audit and Saved a Quarter of the Marketer’s Time
METRO Marketing Automation: 20% of E-commerce Revenue Through Direct Channels, One Customer in Three Roles, Promotion Processing
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What is A/B Testing and how to do it Properly
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What is the BIMI Parameter for Emails?
Oriflame Built a Sales Funnel in a New Channel: Automatic Communications in the Chatbot Bring 545% ROI
Expert columnists
Examples of Successful Loyalty Programs
How Crocs is Transforming its Marketing: Customer Insights, Valuable Content, Positive Emotions
‘Stimulating repeat purchases is not a priority goal of our loyalty program.’ United Colors of Benetton Loyalty Program Manager Ilya Turkin discusses the company’s strategy for the CIS market
METRO AG makes $20 billion a year online. Amounting to 10% of its total revenue in Russia
12 STOREEZ Generates Over 30% of Its Revenue Through Direct Communications. 6 A/B Tests and Their Results.
Culture and company
Results of 2021: 50% growth, 200 new team members, outcomes and future plans.
United Colors of Benetton increased customer LTV by 10.3% year-on-year with experimental loyalty program tools
Bausch + Lomb CIS: from zero to hundreds of thousands of customers in the database thanks to the CDP and loyalty program
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Platform Updates: October Digest. Ad Optimization Module Collects Data From Lead Forms, and Stories are Launched With a Ready-Made Template
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Platform updates in September: Segmented customer advertising for Google, Instagram and Facebook; Redesign of the product page; A shopping list pop-up