12storeez case: almost twice increase of monthly Email-channel share of overall e-commerce income

1 Sep ‘17

12storeez12Storeez is a fashion company opened by young Russian designers, twins Marina and Irina Golomazdina. Designers are creating women cloth items easy to combine. Each new created item naturally becomes a part of capsule wardrobe.

Brand have a database of loyal customers, who want to be the first to know about latest fashion updates, 12Storeez’ special offers and contests, that’s why the aim of the company is to develop Email communications and to made Email-channel the leading source of customers’ orders.

Before start of using Mindbox we couldn’t send decent email-mailings to our subscribers.

Danil Merkel, 12Storeez Marketer

Why Mindbox

At the beginning 12storeez only made manual mailings through Mailchimp. When marketers has decided to launch triggered messages they faced the problem: it was hard to integrates with mailing automations providers. That’s why 12storeez started to use Mindbox. It was easy to integrates with the service and to start use its functionality. Little by little one-time and triggered Email-mailings and transactional SMS were launched.

History of automation


Power of Numbers

During 3 months of work Email-channel share of overall ecommerce revenue increased almost twice (according to Google Analytics data).


Automated email sequences

We developed new universal template for creating emails through visual redactor. It was used to create emails for automated sequences.

Also we started to send transactional and triggered sms messages.

Automated sequence include:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandoned view
  • Abandoned category
  • Product is now available
  • Welcome campaign
  • Transactional email/sms mailings
  • NPS survey

Abandoned view

Fashion differs from other industries by the way to present products in emails. Nice text is not so useful there as large and colorful photographs. That’s why we use big images in all our mailings.


NPS survey

12storeez collects customers’ feedback about service quality. After purchase consumer get an email with a request to evaluate the quality of the service. Click on the grade in the email leads to website  where consumer may use general text box for other comments. In the case of negative feedback the data is transferring to call-center.


Product recommendations

Mindbox provided product recommendations for the 12storeez website. Settings of the recommendations algorithms might be adjusted through interface.



Since the moment of integration 12storeez

  • Started to use friendly interface for sending one-time mailings
  • Launched triggered and transactional mailings
  • Implemented product recommendations on site
  • Started to use SMS-channel

As a result, Email-channel share of overall ecommerce revenue increased almost twice during several months.
12storeez future plan is to launch several new personalized triggered email mailings.

Danil Merkel, Marketer 12Storeez

12storeez’s feedback

«Before start of using Mindbox we couldn’t send decent email-mailings to our subscribers, because our databases were stored in different places, we needed to join the data and to clean it up by ourselves.

Now, with the help of Mindbox our subscribers are collected in the unite database immediately after subscription and the problem of  the duplicated profiles were eliminates. Mindbox also allows to track all mailings statistics, which is very important for us».

Philipp Volnov

Philipp Volnov
Lead Project Manager

Anastasia Statsenko

Anastasia Statsenko
Lead Project Manager

Artem Mamonov

Artem Mamonov
Project Manager

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