ABC-electro store success story: increasing email channel revenue from 1% to 7%

2 Aug ‘19

ABC electroABC electro is a distributer of electric goods and equipment. Their main sales channels are: online store and brick and mortar stores in Russias central federal district. They client base is composed of 100 thousand contacts

In 2018, ABC-electro decided to «revive» its already existing online store in order to enhance the quality and quantity of the sales of electronic goods. The new development strategy contained within itself the formulation of a direct email communication channel for increasing brand loyalty and motivation for repeat purposes.

Mindbox entered the picture to aid ABC-electro with the technical realization of their email strategy. We helped their marketers enrich their buyer database and set up a standard array of triggered campaigns. In June, we launched the first mass and triggered newsletters. Over the course of six months, an email channel revenue increase from 1% to 7% was experienced.

Email channel revenue share

Email channel revenue share
In June, ABC-electro sent its first mass and triggered newsletters through Mindbox. According to data from Google Analytics, their email channel revenue increased sevenfold.


In order to send relevant discounts and promo offers to clients, marketers had to accumulate personal and behavioral buyer data: emails, website viewership history, order history, etc.

Online and offline behavioral data (item or category on-site viewing, purchase history) was not previously gathered by marketers. Personal information was shared only by loyalty program participants. Which is why the business needed an instrument that would help in creating personalized email marketing for the project and:

  • collect historical buyer data from fragmented sources into a universal database,
  • integrate with online and offline business systems and replenish the database with new information,
  • set up automated mailings based on personal and behavioral buyer data.


In order to set up automated communications, ABC-electro marketers connected Mindbox.

Initially, we integrated with the ABC-electro website as a separate database for loyalty program participants and the retail accounting system in order to download historical data. We followed up with installing trackers on the site to collect new information.

We set up standard automated campaigns: abandoned shopping carts, abandoned item viewing, abandoned category viewing. We transferred the transactional order forming chain into Mindbox, and launched a post transactional campaign for collecting feedback on the store’s service.

We integrated with ABC-electro systems in order to collect online and offline client data

In order to build out effective email marketing, marketers needed to get their hands on client data. We integrated with the website, item accounting system, and external ABC-electro database to download historical order and buyer information into Mindbox.

We installed on-site trackers that collect information on buyer actions: item viewing, items added to the shopping cart, order formulation. All client data gets systemized automatically. If there are multiple user profiles tied to one person, Mindbox combines them into one and creates a universal buyer profile.

Within this universal profile, we store personal information and data on interactions between the client and business: which goods they are interested in, which newsletters are received, is there participation in promo offers. The Mindbox segment constructor operates on these stories, it aids marketers in segmenting an audience for mailings in a quick manner and without involving developers. For example, with it, business entities can be designated in order to send them wholesale prices, or send promo offers to clients with large average purchase amounts.

Set up automated email communications

We set up automated newsletters for the project in order to bring visitors back to the site and motivate them to make new purchases:

  • Abandoned product viewing. Inside the company, there are two functional triggers: the first mailing is sent after 3 hours, the second is let lose in two days after that.
  • Abandoned category viewing. The mailing goes out twice, one and three days later.
  • Reminders for abandoned shopping carts are sent out once, within one hour of cart abandonment.

Prior to Mindbox, ABC-electro marketers were sending service SMS messages and very rarely utilized standard messaging services. Here arose a risk that clients may view a new email communication as aggressive. In order to not hit the spam folder, we connected a mailing frequency algorithm and established individual mailing times and intervals for each client.

Nikolai Gorozhanki Nikolai Gorozhanki,
Head of product management department

«We wanted to operate in a non-intrusive fashion and share news about great offers with our clients, but at a time when they are ready for it.

And this new communication format doesn’t annoy our buyers. We were expecting a greater quantity of unsubs to be honest. Thanks to mailing interval and time settings for triggers letters our unsub statistics are minimal».

Letters that are automatically sent to a client if he added items to the on-site shopping cart but closed the page

Open rate and Click rate «Abandoned shopping cart» in %

  June July August September October November December
Open Rate 48 51 46 43 42 40 42
Click Rate 10 12 10,2 11,4 8,3 6,6 8,3

The current ABC-electro database stores 100 thousand contacts. Half of all buyers open triggered mailings. Over the course of 6 months, the Open and Click rates did not drop lower than 40%. This is a good indication that the database is not burning out and subscribers are not losing interest related to content.

Transferred transactional mailings into Mindbox

To simplify the technical realization of transactional letter processing with data, we transferred all service-related communications between the business and clients from «Bitrex» into Mindbox.

First, we integrated with the order tracking system so we could monitor purchase statuses. After that, we developed letter templates for the transactional chain. All information relevant to an order gets sucked into these letters. We wrote the logic for various triggers, such as order processing, payment, etc. for email in the chain.

ABC-electro online store transactional chain:

  • Order processed,
  • paid,
  • not paid online,
  • moved to delivery,
  • ready to be handed out.
Example of a transactional mailing
Example of a transactional mailing for a processed order. These mailings are automatically built from order accounting data.

In addition to the transactional chain, and together with ABC-electro’s analyst we added a post transactional campaign in order to constantly collect feedback about the store, with service improvement in mind. The campaign contains four automated mailings:

  • leave a review of the store on Yandex.Market,
  • leave a review about an item,
  • rate the stores quality,
  • provide feedback on why an order was canceled.

Collecting feedback on how the store operates allowed the business to pinpoint growth points. For example, thanks to the «Rate the stores quality» mailing, ABC-electro management made the decision to change the retail order preparation process for carryout orders. Responsibility for preparing orders was shifted from sales and to warehouse employees. Which resulted in increasing order preparation speeds twofold.

Nikolai Gorozhanki Nikolai Gorozhanki,
Head of product management department

At the start of 2018, we did not have developed personalized communication with our clients, simply because we did not have enough data. Mindbox helped us build it. We loaded data from our retail, online, loyalty program into the system and started collected additional information in order to launch triggered and mass mailings.

In the beginning of our collaboration, we were expecting an increased turnover in terms of digital commerce and increasing our customer’s loyalty. I believe that we completed these tasks, but we won’t stop at that. We plan on connecting an SMS channel, web-pushes, and personalize our site.

We picked this platform due to the wide range of integration possibilities with the opportunity to process client data: store, handpick, and segment it. Flexibility in terms of building out relevant traffic for your business is also quite important. The deliverance of proper service on behalf of project managers is also worth noting.

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