Divan case study: Email revenue growth from 1% to 5%

21 Nov ‘17

divan «Divan» means «Couch» in Russian language. Divan.ru creates a cosiness in any space – be it an apartment, a new office or a favorite summer residence. For 8 years the furniture company has been working hard to make the world even more comfortable, softer and happier.

What Divan.ru uses in Mindbox

  • Email
  • Product Recommendations

Why Mindbox

Kokoc Agency is supporting Divan.ru, with email marketing and has started with a very complex and spectacular consumer communications strategy, assuming lot of custom triggered scenarios and A/B tests. Typical ESPs could look cheaper, but using it in complex agile projects requiring fast changes could be a hassle. Agency choose Mindbox for unified customer and product data centralisation, allowing to run custom segments and scenarios without additional integrations in minutes. First triggered campaigns were launched in January 2017.

Power of Number

One of success metrics of project was share growth of email channel income in overall ecommerce income. After 6 months the Email-channel grew from 0-1% to 4-5%. For the Kokoc agency this was particulary important since their reward depends on the results achieved.


We’re started from migration: moved the existing triggered campaigns from «old» services to Mindbox. It was done in 1 month, and we started with improvements and new campaigns. Few months later the Kokos agency has managed to increase monthly income per 1 subscriber from triggered email campaigns by 10 times.
During April, May and June, triggered email campaigns generated from 30% to 50% of all income associated with email channel, unlocking most of its potential.


Kokoc analytics noted that the traffic conversion from trigger-based mailings Divan.ru is ~8 higher than conversion from paid sources of traffic. It proves efficiency of that channel for Divan.ru


Automated Email Communications

Kokoc Agency has developed a complex chain of communications supporting divan.ru customers during all his life-cycle, including some non-typical situations. In total, there was 22 trigger-based campaigns launched in 7 months:

  • Abandoned view of an item
  • Abandoned view of an expensive item
  • Abandoned Category
  • Abandoned cart with a list of items
  • Few consequent abandoned sessions
  • Extra discount for second offer
  • Reactivation
  • Next Best Offer
  • NPS
  • Opt-in
  • Welcome series

Welcome Series

Welcome Series of Divan.ru consists of many different letters which we sent depending on the customer activities and personal preferences. For example, if a client shows interest to kitchens, mailing’s content will be automatically adjusted: more information about kitchens, cooking accessories, e.t.c. will be shown for particular customer.


To create this campaign we’ve integrated with the Divan’s hotline. This is how it works: an employee will call you after your purchase was delivered and will ask you about your recent shopping experience, its advantages and disadvantages.Two minutes later you’ll get an automatically generated email with a kind request to rate the shop at «Yandex.Market», the most popular CIS e-commerce marketplace with more than 2 million daily visitors.



Together with Kokoc we’ve managed to launch 22 trigger-based mailings and increase revenue from Email-channel incomefrom almost zero to 5%. In near future we plan to create even more personalized trigger-based communications.

Tatiana Kuznetsova
Tatiana Kuznetsova,
Kokoc Marketer

Kokoc Group Feedback

«Divan.ru — one of the most successful furniture projects in my experience. It is falsely believed that in a furniture retail industry email channel does not work very well, but our collaborations with Mindbox and Divan.ru refuses this. Perhaps the key factor of success was the close interaction of all teams on the project.

Our colleagues from Divan.ru were deeply involved in all project activities and it gave us a possibility to work through all the mechanics and content and organically integrate it into the whole online marketing. We choose Mindbox for our other clients, too. We consider this platform to be one of the best solutions on the market.

Integration with Mindbox was quick and painless. The system allows you to configure even the most “narrow” triggers in a few minutes. For example, after the next update of the algorithm recommendations we got the opportunity to recommend the client exactly the furniture that interests him, taking into account shape, color and even overall dimensions. Another important factor is 24/7 support and interest in the project from Mindbox. We have something to compare to, considering our extensive experience with different ESPs. Manager and technical support is constantly on-line, they help to solve all the issues and configure any triggers.»

Mindbox manager

Philipp Volnov

Philipp Volnov
Project Manager

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