E96.ru case study: results after 4 months

15 Apr ‘16


E96.ru is a major appliance and electronics retailer. In late autumn 2015, the email marketing system that the retailer used stopped servicing the Russian market. They needed to quickly transfer all their mechanics to a new platform. E96.ru decided to consider Mindbox.

In one week, we uploaded their users, products and orders.We launched manual emails.

In two weeks, we set up regular import.

In a month, we transferred all mechanics:

  • abandoned view and abandoned cart
  • after-purchase poll
  • transactional emails
  • opt-in
  • subscription coupon
  • birthday greetings

We finished the transfer and began to grow further.

We added a second abandoned cart email. It generated an additional 15% increase in orders.


We applied segmentation to manual emails. This doubled the open rate and tripled the click rate.


We launched emails asking to leave a Yandex Market review after receiving an order. This improved their rating by 2 stars within one and a half months of running the trigger.


Next, we plan to set up recommendations, helpful after-order advice, segmented opt-in sequences and improved business reporting.

Dmitry Pivovarov
Dmitry Pivovarov
co-founder of Е96.ru

«Mindbox helped us quickly launch our entire email marketing wishlist, including things that we couldn’t previously do because of technical difficulties. We haven’t stopped yet, we have a lot planned for the future: we want to personalise contacts with customers in our call centre, build business reporting, and begin measuring LTV, including the impact of specific channels and campaigns on customer profitability. Summary: it’s a good service, we recommend it.»

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