How Rajton increased their email channel revenue by 8 times

30 Sep ‘19

RajtonRajton is an online store for sleeping products. They sell beds, mattresses, pillows, and bedsheets. Rajton takes care of 30 thousand customers, their website is based on Bitrix, and their backend on 1C.

Rajton received an ROI of 468% from Mindbox, grew its share of direct communication revenue from 1.5% to 13% with the help of 24 automated campaigns and use product recommendations in their communications with customers. Later on, an opinion will be shared by Andrey Korchunov, the Head of the Rajton project.

The situation

Rajton connected the Mindbox CDP to their online store based on recommendations from its partners. The platform was needed to automate communication via email and use product recommendations in letters.

Key figures

468% ROI

from Mindbox


automatic campaigns
launched in the email-channel

8 fold

email channel growth
after 1 year of collaborating

Revenue results from the email channel

The key business metric for measuring the success of Mindbox here is the share of revenue from the email channel relative to the total income of the online store. During the yearlong collaboration, the channel grew 8 times over, from 1.5% to 13%. Data is taken from a Mindbox summary report on mailings for the entire collab period, with attribution on the last paid channel.

The shark increase in April and May is due to two promotions carrying discounts of up to 35%. We made several manual mailings informing clients about the promotions. Resulting in sharp growth for the channel, followed by a dip from 17.8 to 8.98%.

Share of revenue from newsletters relative to the online store’s total revenue

Share of revenue from newsletters relative to the online store's total revenue

ROI from Mindbox

We calculated the ROI received from integrating Mindbox. For our calculation, we took yearly indicators:

  • Margin from email channel order revenue using the last click methodology.
  • Mindbox subscription price, excluding VAT.

The client requested that we do not disclose exact figures in this publication. The formula is as follows:

ROI = Margin from email channel order revenue using the last click methodology / Mindbox subscription price, excluding VAT × 100%

Rajtons ROI from Mindbox comes out to 468%. Every 100 rubles spent on the Mindbox platform yield 468 rubles for the client.

 Korchunov Andrey Korchunov Andrey,
Head of the Rajton project

Rajton opinion

«We started working with Mindbox not so long ago, neither did we have to wait for a great result for too long. The set up took some time; we started sending out letters 3 weeks after we kicked off our collaboration. The quick launch speed was due to the professionalism demonstrated by the Mindbox team, a special thanks to Valentin for being involved in the company’s processes and showing such great attention to detail».

The task

In order to automate communications through the email channel, we needed to

  1. Register digital DKIM and SPF signatures for sending newsletters on behalf of Rajton and integrating Mindbox with the Rajton Bitrix based website and 1C back office.
  2. Set up and launch automated product recommendation campaigns.

What we did


To integrate Rajtons systems with Mindbox, we first registered digital DKIM and SPF signatures on the hosting side to send mailings on behalf of Rajton, set up a data transfer from the site using JS-scripts and a data exchange with the 1C-based back office to transfer order statuses.

As a result of the integration, Mindbox code monitors the behavior of customers on-site and receives relevant order statuses from 1C. The obtained data is used to launch automated personal communications.

After the integration, we started setting up automated email channel campaigns using product recommendations.

Launch of automated campaigns

In total, 24 automated campaigns were launched for Rajton, covering the entire life cycle of a client: beginners, regular customers, and outflows. Let’s talk about two automated campaigns configured on the project: repeated abandoned product viewing with a promotional code and a session that was abandoned repeatedly.

Repeated abandoned product viewing with a promo code

If the client viewed a product, but did not it to his cart, he would then fall into the abandoned viewing chain: letters with previously viewed products are sent out. If the client does not respond to the first letter, a few days later, he will receive a second one, but with a promotional code for a 10% discount.

Example of repeated abandoned viewing letter with a promotional code
Example of repeated abandoned viewing letter with a promotional code

Repeatedly abandoned session

The script of a repeatedly abandoned session is fulfilled if the client has visited the site several times over the past few days, but has always left without making a single purchase. If a client visits the site several times, looks at goods or adds them to the cart, it is quite likely that he has already received an abandoned viewing or cart letter. The letter that comes after a repeatedly abandoned session contains info on the best-selling goods at Rajton for the last month.

Example of the letter that comes after multiple abandoned sessions
Example of the letter that comes after multiple abandoned sessions

Conclusion and what’s to be expected next

We integrated with the Rajton online store, automated communications with 24 mechanics in the email channel using product recommendations, and increased the revenue share of the email channel to 13%. The next step is to automate web push channel campaigns.

This success story was prepared by

Valentin Moskalev

Valentin Moskalev Project Manager

Philip Volnov

Philip Volnov Author

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