Autocode: how a site personalization and triggers doubled revenue from an email channel

19 Aug ‘19

AutoCodeAutoCode is a service to check an automobile’s history with the help of a license plate number or VIN. A full report on each automobile contains data from over 12 databases: traffic police, federal tax and travel authority, taxi registries, banks, licensing and insurance companies, auto dealers and more. The check shows mileage alterations, accidents, repair jobs, restrictions, loans.

Over 50 thousand people use the service on a daily basis. This is how it works: a client enters any automobile identifier and can pay to receive a full report on a car from trusted sources. A package deal can be acquired that allows for data to be obtained on multiple vehicles.

Channel share results according to Google Analyticss

Share of the e-mail channel relative to the total revenue of Autocode

Share of the e-mail channel relative to the total revenue of Autocode
The main project metric is the revenue acquired from the email channel relative to AutoCodes’ entire revenue. After over half a year of working together, revenue from the email channel increased from 9% to 17%.
Yulia Karpenko Yulia Karpenko,
AutoCode marketer

Autocode opinion

Prior to launching Mindbox, our company collaborated with other email campaign services. With their help, we sent out letters and email campaigns with reports on automobiles.

But, we had other tasks in front of us. Such as setting up personalized communication with a client and helping him at each stage of his lifecycle.

With Mindbox, we launched over 30 triggered chains, which depended on the actions of a client. Together with automated article newsletters that aid in the automobile selection process and carrying out a secure purchase or sale.

Thanks to Mindbox, we reached these targets in a relatively short period of time. Resulting in a two-fold revenue increase for our email channel.

Situation and task

Until the end of 2018, Autocode was using a different email campaign service. With its help, we sent transactional newsletters and automobile reports.

The Autocode marketing department connected Mindbox in order to set up over 30 automated communications. The platform was selected in order to alleviate pressure from our IT department in creating automatic campaigns. As a measure of effectiveness, we decided to utilize a share of the email channel relative to the total revenue of the services and results of a control group.


Integrated the Mindbox platform with the website and Autocode back office in order to:

  1. Provide site personalization for different client segments.
  2. Set up automatic communications through an email channel.

Automated campaigns that were launched

Site personalization for different client segments

Set up personalized pop-ups based on behavior. Let’s go over two pop-ups:

  1. A special offer, if the site was visited by a new client.
  2. Newsletter subscription invite, if blog material appeared to be interesting.

Special offer if the site was visited by a new client

If a user that landed on the site is not yet in the Autocode client base, he will be presented with a pop up with a personalized discount on a specific page.

If a client wishes to leave an email address, he will receive a letter with a personalized promo code containing a 15% discount.

This popup added up to 22% new subscribers, without cannibalizing other subscription channels. Meaning that the total quantity of subscribers increased relative to previous periods.

Special offer newsletter results for new clients

Newsletter Opens Clicks Order conversions
Special offer for new clients 78% 35,1% 26,2%

Newsletter subscription invite, if blog material appeared to be interesting

The Autocode service regularly publishes articles and guides in their blog. The publications can be used to discover which cars megapolis residents prefer purchasing, which automobile you should spend your money on, and read an analysis of new car models. If a client demonstrates an interest in the blog material, he will be presented with a pop-up strip with a newsletter subscription offer.

Automaton of communications via an email channel

Over half a year, Autocode service specialists set up almost 40 automated email channel communication scenarios. Within this material, we will go over 3 examples of automated campaigns.

  • Extensive welcome chain.
  • Abandoned report creation.
  • Assistance with paperwork.

Extensive welcome chain

After a client registers on the Autocode site, the content of the welcome chain newsletter is altered depending on the newly registered client’s specific goal, which is to buy or sell an automobile.

Welcome chain version for buyers

The welcome chain version for an Autocode service buyer shares information on which questions one should ask a car seller, how a dishonest one can trick you, and how to lower the cost of an automobile during the negotiation stage.

Personalization of the chain depending on interest in a particular car brand

If a client orders a report about a popular automobile brand, he will also receive a separate article about this model.

What’s interesting to note is that a client does not lose interest in the chain over the course of 7 days, and the final letter carries with it the highest conversion rate.

Result of the welcome chain for buyers in the context of letters

Newsletter Opens Clicks Order conversion
1 letter 36,5% 5,2% 0,44%
2 letter 31,4% 7,4% 0,6%
3 letter 23,9% 3,5% 0,26%
4 letter 22% 3% 0,23%
5 letter 20,9% 3,9% 0,27%
6 letter 21,4% 2,7% 0,21%
Triggered content letters after Welcome
Average results
39,8% 9,2% 2,3%

Welcome chain version for sellers

In the welcome chain for sellers, Autocode provides recommendations on how to prepare an automobile for sale, how to quickly find a buyer and properly handle the deal.

Result of the welcome chain for buyers in the context of letters

Newsletter Opens Clicks Conversions
1 letter 64,6% 10,3% 0,62%
2 letter 38,5% 5,5% 0,6%
3 letter 33,2% 6,7% 0%
4 letter 33,3% 6% 0,2%
5 letter 30,4% 4,1% 0,47%
6 letter 29,2% 6,3% 0,1%

Abandoned report creation

If a client began requesting a report for any automobile, however, did not finalize payment, a reminder will be sent

Special offer newsletter results for new clients

Newsletter Opens Clicks Order conversion
Abandoned report creation 31,4% 7,6% 2,7%

Assistance with drafting documents

When buying a report for any given automobile, the client can inquire for a package to register an automobile with the traffic police for free. The letter is sent automatically if the buyer selects this option.


With the help of Mindbox, we personalized the website and automated email channel communications. This increased email channel proceeds from 9% to 17% relative to total proceeds (according to the last clicks in Google Analytics) and yielded 25% from the total revenue of the service relative to the control group, with a confidence level of 99%.

This success story was prepared by

Andrey Medvedev

Andrey Medvedev,project manager
Phillip Volnov

Phillip Volnov,material author

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