Mixit case study: email channel revenue doubles in 6 months

24 Mar ‘17

Mixit is a Russian natural cosmetics online laboratory that provides natural, gentle, and safe skincare products using minimalistic packaging.

Mindbox launched an email marketing campaign for Mixit in collaboration with Prism Solutions, the agency responsible for integrating the Mindbox service into Mixit’s online shop. The first campaign started within a week of signing the contract. In this case study, our team is reviewing the results from the first six months. (Revenue was calculated using Google Analytics and the internal accounting system.)

After getting to know Mindbox’s project team, we had no doubt that the first campaign would start promptly. Speed is the key success factor in E-commerce.

Dmitry Bokovoy, CEO, Prism Solutions

Power of numbers


Prism Solutions provided statistics for the email channel. The email channel’s net profit nearly tripled in the first six months of collaboration with Mindbox.

Icon_Business_Set_00005_A_icon-icons.com_59846How did we calculate the net profit?

Prism Solutions used the following approach: from total revenue, they subtracted production costs, delivery costs, and email channel optimisation costs (creating email distributions, Mindbox services, integration with the online shop)

Email channel costs have risen insignificantly, while Net profit has increased three times
Email channel costs rose insignificantly, while net profit nearly tripled

We also evaluated the revenue growth using Google Analytics. The first trigger-based email campaigns that started in September increased the email channel’s revenue share. Interestingly, Mixit sent half as many one-off manual emails in September. Nevertheless, the email channel’s share increased due to automated, personalised, trigger-based scenarios.

According to Google Analytics data: Email channel revenue increased from 7,7% up to the maximum of 20,6% after the shit to Mindbox

According to the Google Analytics data: email channel revenue increased from 7.7% to a maximum of 20.6% after the switch to Mindbox

Trigger-based email campaigns

We launched 17 triggers in 9 email campaigns:

  • Welcome campaign
  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandoned category
  • Abandoned view
  • Customer’s birthday
  • Subscription confirmation
  • Reactivation sequence

Real-world examples:

Abandoned category

The abandoned category campaign started with an A/B test. We put the most-viewed goods in one case, and the best-selling items in the other. The A/B test has not yet ended.

Abandoned category

Abandoned view

We send an abandoned view email if a customer was looking at something but did not buy anything. We use two types of personal recommendations.

Abandoned view

Personal recommendations

Mindbox provides personal recommendations free of charge. Sometimes it’s better to use manual recommendations rather than automatic algorithms, especially when the company’s brand managers know their products and the hottest combinations. In the abandoned view campaign for Mixit, we used manual recommendations with an “item to item” connection provided by Mixit employees.

Customer’s birthday

A customer’s birthday is a good occasion to remind them about you and give them a nice present. Such emails (eCards) develop sales and increase brand loyalty. We send birthday eCards a few days beforehand and then send a follow-up email (on the birthday) if the customer did not make a purchase by then for some reason.

Customer’s birthday

Icon_Business_Set_00005_A_icon-icons.com_59846An email sequence is always better than a single email

The subscription confirmation is part of this email sequence. Interestingly, 47.5% of recipients confirm their subscription from the first email and 21.5% of recipients confirm it from the second email.

Last items


How we remind a customer abostrong>

The cosmetics that a customer purchases will eventually run out and they might forget to buy more shampoo or face cream. In this case, we’ve designed a special trigger-based scenario for Mixit that sends a letter with a special offer and advises the customer to buy more of the previously bought goods.


We set up an SMS-campaign that notifies the customer of their current order status. We have set up around 10 transaction-based SMS-messages since the start of our collaboration.



  • It took only one week to integrate with Mindbox using Prism Solutions
  • We launched more than 15 triggered emails
  • We set up product recommendations with manual choice of goods
  • We added transaction-based SMS-messages
  • The email channel’s revenue doubled and its net profit nearly tripled
  • The next step is to set up a customer loyalty programme
Dmitriy Bokovoy
Dmitriy Bokovoy
CEO Prism Solutions

«We started to work with Mixit on email marketing before our collaboration with Mindbox. After finishing the communication strategy (scheduled, automated, and transaction-based emails + loyalty programme), we started developing the specification for Mixit’s internal CRM marketing solution.

We were researching the market to find a ready-to-use solution for ourselves and our customer that would meet both our and our customer’s needs without reinventing the wheel, and would allow us to speed up the strategy implementation.

The solution we found was the product from our colleagues at Mindbox. First of all, all the functionality offered complied with the main concept, free of technical and design limits, which was essential for us. After getting to know Mindbox’s project team, we had no doubt that the first campaign would start promptly. Speed is the key success factor in E-commerce. I would like to thank our colleagues for their flexibility and the great job that they have done. I look forward to working with them again and think we will have quite a few interesting case studies in the future.»

Mindbox team

Semyon Mikanyov

Semyon Mikanyov
Lead Manager

Anna Stepanova

Anna Stepanova
Project Manager

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