Olant case study: automated marketing drives exponential email revenue growth

21 Jul ‘16

Olant is an online children’s goods store. They used to have several services for email marketing. They had tinkered with a lot of things and wanted to grow further. But they lacked flexible segmentation capabilities. They decided to try Mindbox.

We’ll tell you what their store was able to achieve with the help of our product.

In 6 months, they:

  • doubled email revenue in GA
  • halved time needed to layout emails
  • A/B-tested emojis, discounts and names in email subjects
  • tripled Open Rate and Click Rate by segmenting

Doubled email revenue in GA

These kinds of results usually come from successful creative work or magical new mechanics. In this case, it was simply a matter of attention to detail. Olant had been developing its email marketing for a long time and was running a lot of good triggers. But it was doing this with several unintegrated services. This made it impossible to tell what they were sending to a particular customer, or if they were even sending anything at all. The biggest headaches came from using in-house systems and manual emails.

We transferred their data to a single system and immediately saw revenue growth. Or rather, stopped seeing losses. With year-on-year customer growth of 1.2 times, we saw revenue double.


Centralisation also saved time on preparing and sending emails. Now there was more time to come up with and test new ideas.

Halved time needed to layout emails

This was a small but pleasant and important improvement. We automated product placement in emails, which cut the layout time in half, meaning even more time for ideas and testing 🙂

A/B-tested emojis, discounts and names in email subjects

  1. Emojis. A few can go a long way
    There is an opinion (we call it a «hypothesis») that emojis make emails stand out and draw attention, thus increasing the Open Rate. Olant used this approach quite often. But at some point, they started to wonder: «maybe we’re overdoing it?». They decided to check. They ran 9 A/B tests using variants with and without emojis:
    • 7 tests showed no statistically significant difference
    • 2 tests showed a significant growth in absolute terms of 1%

    So, in 7 cases it was no different with or without emojis. But 2 cases showed that no emojis was even better! This doesn’t mean that you should never use emojis. It means that if you use them all the time, your readers are likely to get sick of them.

  2. Names. Use ’em or lose ’em
    Of 6 tests, 4 showed significant growth in absolute terms of 1%. In other words, adding names works. But still, it’s best not to overdo it. There’s a hypothesis: novelty wins. It can get old with time, or even become annoying when «people I don’t know are always using my name in their marketing emails». We’ll have to repeat the tests after a while.
  3. Discounts and prices. A mixed bag
    Adding discounts did not show a significant difference in 3 of 3 tests.
    But in 2 of 2 tests, adding prices showed a significant difference of 1% in absolute terms.

Interesting results, we’ve got some things to think about.

Tripled OR and CR by segmenting

You can build very interesting segments into the product by using various information about your customers: social demographics, site behaviour, purchases.


Through experimentation, we were able to achieve significant improvements: the Open Rate tripled and the Click Rate quintupled. But there’s still a lot of work to do. This requires careful consideration. After all, we don’t just want to make one good segment, but rather to segment the whole database so well that every customer will regularly receive offers that they like.


Centralising data immediately doubled revenue. Segmentation showed strong growth potential: 3-5 times. The plan now is to go live with the metrics and tests, and continue to grow with the revenue.

Dmitry Rassadin
Dmitry Rassadin
head of marketing at Olant

«Before we met the Mindbox team, we had been using a system with a built-in email editor for a long time. When sending an email to our whole database, we didn’t think that our clients were just ignoring some of them. Of course, many of our emails hit the mark, but why settle for 50% when you can get 100% exposure. That’s the result we get from working with Mindbox. The service doesn’t have a built-in editor, and we don’t need one when we have a team of professionals offering hundreds of possibilities for email sales growth. The Mindbox team helped us to properly segment our database, focusing on our company’s specifics and paying attention to the needs of pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and parents of older children. This makes each of our offers go out to someone who is truly interested. Well-coordinated work has doubled our email sales.

We used to spend quite a bit of time creating each email with the help of all available labour resources: an internet marketer, a designer, and a content manager. Now, Mindbox lets us automatically populate products in emails, which really saves us time. We have successfully run several A/B tests that have delivered pleasantly unexpected results and have helped us to significantly improve on our KPIs. We are very happy with our work together and hope that it will continue to drive further growth in our email efficiency.»

Mindbox team:

Filipp Volnov
Project Manager
Semyon Mikanyov
Lead Manager
Ilya Vasyutovich
Technical Manager
Irina Repina

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