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April 20, 2023

Unidragon achieved a 195% ROI by connecting Mindbox to their Shopify stores – without a developer

  • GoalsLaunch direct marketing communications, set up automated reminders and incentives for existing customers, acquire new leads using pop-ups
  • SolutionsLaunch personalized bulk campaigns based on order history and automated campaigns based on customer behavior
  • Add lead capture pop-ups on the website
  • TeamUnidragon’s CMO and Marketer, Mindbox Customer Success Manager
  • ResultsThe ROI on marketing automation over the course of 3 months is 195%
  • IT2 Shopify stores
  • Business scalePuzzle manufacturer with worldwide distribution
  • 240,000 customers

Unidragon is a puzzle manufacturer that specializes in creating unique jigsaws made from natural wood. The company has gained significant traction among puzzle enthusiasts in the US and Europe, attracting over 240,000 customers to its Shopify-based online stores (one for each region respectively)

Unidragon implemented Mindbox with the aim of launching bulk campaigns, behavior- and region-based segmentation, personalized pop-ups on their website, and automated communications without the need for a developer. Within three months, Unidragon’s marketer launched 12 marketing workflows that combined personalized discounts, pop-ups, and automated email campaigns, generating an ROI of 195%.

Unidragon utilized a ready-made Shopify integration module to implement Mindbox and hired a developer to export historical data, such as customer order history and survey responses.

Unidragon's testimonial

Client feedback

When choosing a contractor, we focused on the breadth of the platform’s toolset/features, as well as the speed and quality of customer service. We integrated with two different Shopify stores within 1.5 months and launched a significant number of workflows within just a couple of months.

Mindbox helped us take our customer communication to the next level — now, we no longer miss our customers and don’t let them slip away. The platform allowed us to manage and customize everything from dynamic email layouts to marketing flow analytics within a single-window mode.

Mindbox’s customer service is truly exceptional and our entire team loves working with them. Once you work with these guys, you just won’t want to work with anyone else. ❤️


Mila, Chief Marketing Officer, Unidragon


The ROI from implementing the platform is 195% (over the course of 92 days). For every dollar invested in automation, Unidragon has earned $2.95. Revenue was calculated using Mindbox from completed orders using the last click attribution model.

ROI formula

Unidragon’s marketer launched 12 workflows containing 17 campaigns and 12 pop-ups

The workflows included personalized offers for new customers, abandoned view and abandoned cart campaigns, as well as transactional messages.

The pop-ups used gamification to collect email addresses from new visitors. Pop-up and automation examples are outlined below.

Wheel of fortune pop-up for new visitors

When a new customer visits the websites, they are shown one of the pop-ups — the wheel of fortune. The customer enters their email address and gets a chance to win one of several prizes. The discounts vary depending on whether the visitor is in the US or Europe. The lead conversion rate is 11.77%.

wheel of fortune

Once the customer has submitted their email address, Mindbox sends out an automated email campaign with the corresponding gift.

corresponding gift

Pop-up aimed at increasing average order value

If a customer adds a product to their cart but the cost is not enough to qualify for free shipping, a pop-up appears to motivate them to add more items to the cart to qualify for free shipping.

free shipping

Pop-up for active customers

When a customer who has already made a purchase visits the website, they are shown a pop-up offering them to explore puzzles that are more challenging than the one the customer previously bought.

pop-up for active customers


Two Unidragon Shopify stores (US and EU) were integrated with Mindbox, and 12 workflows with email campaigns and pop-ups segmented based on the visitor’s location were added. This resulted in 195% ROI for Unidragon.

The brand plans to launch new workflows in the future, such as notifications for price drops and orders pending payment, with the goal of further improving customer engagement and driving sales growth.

Marketing Manager Testimonial

The best thing about Mindbox for me is that I can set up all campaigns from a single window — with no need to juggle multiple paid Shopify apps. With Mindbox, everything is done in one place: from pop-ups to email campaigns and workflows.

In the future, we’re planning to launch automated email campaigns using RFM analysis and create even more personalized pop-ups for different customer segments, including lead capture and conversion-boosting pop-ups. We’re also looking to implement a loyalty program to take our customer engagement to the next level.


Lana, Marketing Manager, Unidragon