Zzz24.com case study: email channel share rises to 30%

20 Feb ‘17

is a food and household goods delivery service that offers customers 24/7 delivery without interacting with the courier. Their food order is delivered in a unique thermobox that maintains the required temperature and freshness. With the first order, an employee installs the thermobox near the customer’s door with a keylock that can be opened only by service staff and the customer. Then the customer can select the option for «thermobox delivery» and pay by credit card. The order is delivered by Zzz24.com even if the сustomer is not home.

Mindbox helped to develop a tailored email marketing system during the service launch. We provided one-time mailings and trigger-based email campaigns without deep involvement of Zzz24.com programmers. Based on the customer’s calculations, the costs of Mindbox’s services were paid off in the first month.


How we started:

November 10 Integration with Mindbox
November 25 Website launch
November 29 First trigger-based email campaign


y December 2016 the Email-channel earned more than 25% of Zzz24 total revenue
By December 2016 the Email-channel earned more than 25% of Zzz24 total revenue
he Email-channel grows fast
The email channel is growing rapidly

Trigger-based email campaigns

We launched 12 trigger-based email campaigns in the first month:

  • Automatic email sale offers
  • Abandoned category
  • Abandoned view
  • Several abandoned cart scenarios
  • Subscription confirmation
  • Welcome email sequence

Abandoned cart

We set up five abandoned cart scenarios. Each email sequence has a special offer based on the customer’s shopping history and segment. For example, if the customer has not placed any orders, they will get one type of email. If they have a few abandoned carts, they will get another type of email.


The system has a great variety of abandoned cart scenarios set up, though there’s just one unique email template. Our unique drafting language allows the content of the letter to be changed based on the scenario and customer’s segment, making it really easy to run A/B tests.

Automatic weekly emails with special events and personal recommendations

Zzz24.com has regular discount campaigns with special offers for subscribers (e.g., a pack of Makfa-brand pasta for 1 rouble).

The weekly special offers are automatically updated: highly personalised messages are created and sent automatically to each regular customer on a weekly basis:


Product recommendations are added to the product block. We use the most popular products from the categories viewed.  If the customer was interested in cheddar cheese, they will receive an email with a personal recommendation for the most popular hard cheeses with a discount.



We developed a universal template using the email builder. It takes 20 minutes to prepare a new email without using a designer. As a result, Mindbox saves customers money.


In just one month, we:

  1. Set up an automated digest
  2. Launched 12 trigger-based email campaigns
  3. Established highly personalized customer segmentation

As a result, the email channel is growing rapidly and delivers more than 30% of the website’s revenue.

The next step is to dig deeper into personalisation: create more personal offers by dividing the customer database into more segments and launching more automated email campaigns.

Client feedback

Darina Orlova
Darina Orlova
head of marketing at

Mindbox is a great team of well-coordinated professionals. They always give us prompt feedback, implement any of our ideas, and provide highly detailed efficiency reporting.

ПWe are thoroughly pleased with the results of our trigger-based email campaigns. Automatic emails and the template builder have made our work much easier. Our next steps with Mindbox will be cross-channel campaigns and digging deeper into segmentation.

Mindbox team

Semyon Mikanyov

Semyon Mikanyov
Lead Manager

Anna Stepanova

Anna Stepanova
Project Manager

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