September product updates

11 Oct ‘18

We’re constantly hard at work releasing new and improved features.

Here’s what we got up to in September:

Read on for all the details.


New recommendations widget for your website

Recommending the right items at the right time is a great way way to increase your customers’ average spend and boost sales in general. For example, offer a can of protective spray when someone is buying a pair of suede boots, or a set of drill bits when they’re buying a drill.

It’s easier said than done, though. You need to come up with a recommendations algorithm that will select the right goods to offer and then invest time and resources on incorporating it into your website so that the results look pretty.

Or you can just use our recommendations widget and have everything up and running in five minutes. All the coding, configuration and rendering is done on our side, and on your side it will look just like a native part of your site design.

Here’s how it works:

Recommended for you widget
Recommendations widget at work

Let’s say a customer decides to take a closer look at a bra. When they go to the item details page, they’ll see a selection of related items that may be of interest, for example a chemise, a top and another bra. As far as the customer can see, it’s a native part of your website. But in reality it’s our recommendations widget, set up in a «related items» configuration.

The widget is configurable and versatile.

  • It can display anything from t-shirts and jackets for a clothes shop to tables and chairs for a furniture shop.
  • It can provide many formats from a large banner on the home page to a small element on the item details page.
  • You choose what it displays, e.g. personalised recommendations, popular items, sale items, etc.

Contact your personal manager for more information or to get started with the widget. Pricing is set at 20% of the basic module price.

Personal recommendations algorithm now even smarter

Our personal recommendations algorithm now uses more information about items your customers are interested in.

Imagine that a customer buys a black handbag and black gloves of the same brand, and then after a while buys a black purse, also of the same brand. Our algorithm will deduce that the customer is interested in black accessories to go with the handbag, and so the next mailing they receive will contain more black items of that same brand.


Campaign pause/play button

There are many situations when you might want to temporarily suspend a campaign, like when you already started sending and then your boss tells you to stop because your other boss to check and approve the content before you start sending.

Now instead of cancelling it and starting anew, you can just hit pause. Once you’re good to go again you can unpause and it will carry on sending to the remaining recipients.

Campaign pause button
Campaign pause button

Simplified A/B test creation for Viber and SMS campaigns

We recently improved our interface for A/B testing in email campaigns, and now we’ve done the same for Viber and SMS.

A/B test
Hit the button at the bottom to add a new test variant

When setting up an SMS campaign, we count the symbols and show how many messages are needed to carry the text.

Example message
This text will be sent as two messages (or this message will be sent as two texts – whichever you prefer)

Show number of days remaining

We can now show your customers how many days are left until a date the future.

For example, we can send you a renewal reminder when your fitness club membership is running out, and to heighten your sense of urgency we can now show how many days are left.

Number of days
Don’t delay, renew today!

Our template engine lets us send these emails to any number of people and get it right every time, regardless of their age, gender, purchase history and preferences. The template engine is our own proprietary technology which we use to personalise content for each individual customer in emails and online.

New reports on the campaign page

You can now get more information about campaign performance right from the campaign page:

  • Most-clicked links.
  • View A/B test configuration.
  • Detailed report on customer actions for automated campaigns.
Quick access to reports
One-click access to reports


Deduplication sync

Whenever a customer registers on your site, their information gets sent to our CRM. Our CRM stores all the customer data and makes sure that there are no duplicates, i.e. if a customer registers multiple accounts, we consolidate those accounts into one so as not to send the same messages to the same customer over and over again.

If you have a customer database of your own (for example when we handle your emails and you manage your own product recommendations) it’s important to keep it in sync with ours.

Now when we deduplicate (combine multiple profiles belonging to the same customer) we can pass that information to you (via manual export or API) so that you carry out the same procedure in your own database.

Configuring deduplication synchronisation
Deduplication sync configuration


Improved DKIM checking

A DKIM error can result in your beautifully crafted campaign being unceremoniously trashed by spam filters. We’ve updated our DKIM verification procedure to help save you from heartbreak:

  • Now you only see a DKIM error message when you select a bad sender address.
  • If your DKIM is broken, you’ll get an error description in the campaign configuration with an explanation of the problem, e.g. an incorrect DNS entry.
Example DKIM error message
Example DKIM error message

That’s all for now, we’ll be back again soon with more important updates.

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