New SMS interface

15 Jun ‘17

We’ve released a new interface for sending SMS messages. Now it’s just as easy and convenient to create an SMS campaign as an email campaign. You can now use our unique template engine language and easily set up A/B tests. Today, we’ll take a look at this new feature with detailed examples.

How to quickly create an SMS message

Watch how I created a personalised SMS message with an A/B test and control group in just one minute:

A new template engine for everyone!

In the new interface, you can use our new template engine as a personalisation tool. All user parameters are available in it: name, age and gender, discount cards and promo codes, and even custom fields. With our template engine, you can use conditions, cycles and word forms to fine-tune your message settings.

How to measure SMS impact

At Mindbox, we value transparency and efficiency. We have implemented control groups to transparently monitor message efficiency. They help to understand the message impact in any sales environment.

In addition to the control groups, you can use A/B tests for any target activity. If you want, you can test for average conversions, minimal response difference, confidence interval and strength – our system chooses the best option for all given parameters.


Write messages as though you’re communicating with the client in person. Build various hypotheses, A/B test them, and measure the effect. But don’t waste all your IT resources on it. Just use our new UI to start an SMS campaign.

Happy marketing!

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