Webhooks update

4 Jul ‘17

Webhooks are a way to transmit information to a third-party system about an event that occurs in our system.

For example, if you need to call up the call centre web service when a loyal customer places an order.

Or maybe you need to submit a query to your ERP when a trigger awards a bonus to a customer.

Now you can do this easily through our webhooks, because we’ve updated this function: we’ve added an interface where you can view, add, edit and delete webhooks, as well as validate templates. Now you will no longer need our programmers to set up webhooks. You can find this new functionality in the menu: Admin → Integrations → Webhooks.

Here’s an example of how to create or edit a webhook:


After you create a webhook, you can immediately put it to use:


Webhooks can be used «unreliably»: when an event occurs, we look for the address indicated in the hook, but if something goes wrong, the call is dropped. You can also use them «reliably»: to do so, indicate in the hook query the transactionalId, which will have to be correctly processed from your side – the image above shows an example of a «reliable» webhook.

This functionality is only available if you enable the «Webhooks» option. Ask your project manager for more information about integration and the cost of enabling the option.

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