About us

Mindbox is a cloud-based marketing automation platform. We help collect and process customer data from online and offline sources, automate communication, manage communications from a single interface, and increase marketing revenue.

clients in ecommerce,
retail, FMCG
steady growth rate for
6 consecutive years
$15 mln
revenue in 2021


  • 2006: Ivan Borovikov, the owner of ITCom, invited Alexander Gornik, future co-founder of Mindbox, to build a new and exciting company. They launched an SMS campaign by using promotional codes on cigarette packs for Gallaher Liggett-Dukat as partners. It wasn’t long before more requests followed.

  • 2010: The team began operating under the name Mindbox offering CRM services to B2C, who sought automated marketing.

  • 2015: One of the top 10 e-commerce businesses in Eastern Europe.

  • 2021: Mindbox overhauled their service offering from user interfaces to reports, invested in pop-up mechanics and widgets for websites that include Beefree modular email message composer.

  • 2028: Mindbox grows tenfold and launches to the public through the IPO.