Making Retail Personal
Talk people, not traffic
Ivan Borovikov

Developing, implementing, and managing cloud solutions for retail marketing since 2006. Our customers are FMCG, retail, ecommerce, and other businesses with lots of customers.

Since then, we’ve grown to 70 FTEs. Our average age is 28.

Our principles are fair play, value for the customer, and continuous improvement. Our entire operation is transparent and measurable from the customer’s perspective.

Alexander Gornik

We take pride in our development practices: it’s rapid, high-quality and high-load, in both data and processing.

We employ Kanban, self-management and teal principles. The company keeps its compensations and financial performance transparent, we have no middle management tier.

We pay no kickbacks, we have no shady deals, we advance by our own gains. Our customers include: JTI, Hoff, E96, UFS, Adamas, MIF.

Our belief is that technologies can make mass communications unobtrusive and wholesome, while making large businesses’ approach to their customers more humane.

Our history


Mindbox started in 2006 with one of the first SMS-onpack promos for Gallaher Ligget-Dukat. Ivan Borovikov’s company invited Alexander Gornik to join for the technical side of the project.


Mindbox’s first iteration, called Game Engine.


The company reappears as a new entity. Alexander Gornik becomes a partner. ITCom Design and Development has 14 employees and several customers.


We’re hit by rebranding. Now we’re Mindbox, a product-oriented company set out to conquer the world.


Mindbox rates on top among other Russian CRM agencies. We have 40 employees, working on Russia’s only B2C marketing automation framework.


E-commerce and retail customers quadruple, with revenues tripling. Our first Top 5 e-commerce customer. ROI of customer implementations is 514% by the fourth month.


We launch e-mailing and product recommendations. The company scales up with 100 paying customers.


The framework is upgraded with promotion and loyalty features, additional mailing channels. Recommendations are evolving, with new marketing automation algorithms based on machine learning. The company enters classic retail market. Plans to go global.

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