Appendix 1 to Data Retention and Data Deletion Policy (Data Storage Schedule)

Name of the process Provision of the Mindbox service (as a processor) Provision of the Mindbox service (as a controller) Demo-access requests Contract with clients Email-marketing Cookie storage Clients reviews publication
Retention schedule Until the end of client relationship Until the end of client relationship Until the termination of a contract in case it is concluded Documents are stored 5 years after the termination of a contract Until the consent is withdrawn or until the end of campaign (depending on what happened earlier) Until the until the consent is withdrawn Until the until the consent is withdrawn or until the purpose is met (depending on what happened earlier)
Categories of Data name, date of birth, email address, residential address, phone number, contact details of relatives and friends, IP-addresses, device data from which the website is viewed, mobile application, device data, hash ID, marital status, data that the customer entered about themselves in the support chat; information about the actions of the customer Full name; email address, phone number, login (may not match the email address), information that employees provide about themselves (in the comments field), registration date, access level Name, phone number, email address, website address or company name of the customer, position of the client (CEO / owner / founder, manager, specialist) First name, last name, patronymic, phone number, email address, position, company (client) name, details of the document confirming the authority of the person to act on behalf of the client Name, email address IP-address, GEO (country or town), OS type and version, browser type and version, type of device and its display resolution, traffic source for the visitor, OS and browser language, which buttons are being clicked and what pages are being opened. First name, last name, client name, position, photo
Legal Basis Master Service Agreement Consent to receive our monthly newsletter Cookie-consent (cookie banner) Consent to publish a quote on the website
Employees responsible IB engineer IB engineer Event manager Account manager Event manager Marketing Director Marketing Director
The entry into the archive
Deletion method Electronically Electronically Electronically Electronically Electronically Electronically Electronically
Provisions of the data processing agreement (DPA) on the deletion of personal data Data processing will be for the period until the termination of the Agreement. Such period will automatically terminate upon the deletion by the Data Importer of all data as described in the Data Processing Amendment N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Log Files Deletion (if applicable)

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