How the Dodo Pizza Franchise Tailors and Scales its Personalized Marketing Strategy

02 Dec. ‘19

Dodo In the past 8 years, the number of Dodo Pizza restaurant locations has grown to 560. Direct communications generate 19% of revenue from all deliveries and takeouts.

Keep reading to learn how Dodo Pizza scaled their direct marketing and created cascading SMS and Viber newsletters for segmented audiences, as well as a commentary on how marketing aspects work with franchisees will by provided by Vladislav Buriy, the Digital Marketing Manager for Dodo Pizza.

A year ago, franchisees had to individually set up newsletters on various technological platforms, they would send messages to clients without segmentation and any single or unified reporting. The quantity and quality of all brand newsletters were impossible to evaluate. Meanwhile, clients would receive several text messages: different franchisees could individually send messages to the same client.

The Dodo marketing department didn’t like this approach, which is why they decided to experiment and include a target marketing service in franchisee packages. Now, 91 franchisees work in via a unified technological platform, franchisees have their own profiles now. Partners can send cross-newsletters to clients of their pizzeria with personalized content based on behaviour and unified reporting.

Division of access guarantees that franchisees will send newsletters only to clients of their own pizzerias. Personalization allows selecting clients who have not returned to Dodo in some time. Unified reporting guarantees transparency of results and improvements on the based on accumulated experience.

When a franchisee launches a new pizzeria he receives support from the managing company, which includes access to information systems and marketing technologies in use.

Dodo direct marketing can essentially be split into two parts:

  • The managing company part: marketing strategy selection, brand-wide omnichannel newsletters, and franchisee communication training about direct communications for working within the bounds of their own pizzerias.
  • The franchisee part, location-based direct marketing: newsletters and special offers for individual pizzerias.

Managing company role in Dodo franchisee direct communications

The Dodo Pizza managing company trains franchisees on marketing principles, translates the commonly accepted concept to all pizzerias, shares experience, but at the same time does not limit partners in individual idea generation for communicating with clients. To lay out such a work process, Dodo Pizza provides franchisees with a marketing platform for creating and managing communications with clients. Franchisees gain access to technological solutions without taking on expenses for integrating IT.

Mindbox is used to solve these tasks. There are over one-hundred franchisees working with the platform. New partners gain standard access for omnichannel direct communications with clients of their region. Franchisees can create personalized newsletters, upload clients and view reports.

Vladislav Buriy
Vladislav Buriy, Digital Marketing Manager at Dodo Pizza

«There exist common rules that our franchisee newsletters need to adhere to. But within the lines of these rules, local marketers have their freedoms. Clients from different cities have different preferences, local marketers test various mechanics and based on that they can make decisions about future newsletters.

We have a knowledge base at Dodo, but access to it is limited, everything is written there. Local marketers are provided with links to specific instructions within».

«Previously partners could send an unlimited amount of messages to all clients, which is why we received some penalties. Now, and thanks to Mindbox, newsletters can be sent to clients that gave their express consent to receive them, and we can limit the total quantity of contact in order to not overload a client with newsletters.

Currently, local newsletters are a good instrument that can be used locally as wished to reactivate sleeper clients»‎.

How communications for franchisees was launched in Mindbox

Franchisees have limited access to the system: they can only send newsletters and download reports. To control this we have set up a system-level security monitor. All franchisee accounts are selected and transferred to a separate security group. The franchisee security group has a limited selection of permissions. They can be turned on or off at any time. Limited permissions protect franchisees from problems in selecting a segment during newsletter preparation, and prevent them from accidentally breaking something in Mindbox 🙂

Example of a permission selection for a Dodo franchisee in Mindboxx
Example of a permission selection for a Dodo franchisee in Mindbox – access can be set up easily depending on the franchisee’s tasks

A franchisee can send newsletters only to his pizzerias audience. It’s impossible to make a mistake – the system will not allow sending a newsletter to visitors of another franchisees pizzeria. The campaigns are presented on the screenshot below.

Campaigns, a folder that stores newsletters of each franchisee. Franchisees can see only their own folder actually, but the main Dodo marketing division sees everything as is presented on the screenshot.

How campaigns look for various Dodo franchisees
How campaigns look for various Dodo franchisees. Campaigns are folders that store newsletters of each franchisee. Franchisees can only see their own folder, but the main Dodo marketing division sees everything

How Dodo franchisees use direct communications

Franchisees use the Mindbox marketing platform for sending marketing campaigns through SMS and Viber. For example, they send coupons that are available only in franchisee restaurants. Below are examples of franchisee newsletters sent through Viber and SMS from Tchaikovsky and Astrahan locations.

Viber-newsletter with a promotion for Tchaikovskiy
SMS-newsletter for visitors of the Astrakhan pizzeria

Dodo Pizza franchise newsletter results

Results of local franchisee newsletters are measured through Mindbox reports, while best practices are recorded in a general table so that they may be used later on. Conversions to orders from newsletters were calculated based on the quantity of used promo codes.

Tambov Belgorod Nizhnevartovsk Seversk
Received 1133 1883 1281 2344
Open rate 6.05 % SMS SMS SMS
Promo code orders 122 111 120 120
Orders to% 10,8% 5,9% 9,4% 5,1%
Text Gifting new menu items to our favourite clients! ? Crazy pepperoni or ? Shrimp Asia style 25cm to order starting at 595! Use promo code – 159 on our website or mobile app! This offer can be used once per client until 15/06/2019 in Tambov! Love pizza? ❤️ Margarita 25 cm to orders from 500, for delivery or dine-in, lasts until 22.05 in Belgorod. Promo code D91 Hey! Catch this deal: we’re giving out a Four cheese pizza 25cm when you order any large pizza! Promo code D15C, lats until 15/06 in Dodo Pizza Nizhnevartovsk We’re giving away a Meat pizza 25cm for orders starting at 595r using promo code D9 until 14/04. Severskiy
Promo code 159 D91 D15C D9
Promo code Active Who ordered specific pizzas Who made an order in the last 2 months Entire base

Table fragment with results of Dodo Pizza franchise marketing team newsletters


With the help of Mindbox, Dodo Pizza provides partners with an infrastructure for direct omnichannel communications with the help of a unified marketing platform as part of their franchise package.

Franchise marketers have access only to clients and marketing campaigns that relate to their zones of responsibility, create personalized newsletters based on data and plan cross channel newsletters through Viber and SMS.

Clients receive personalized newsletters based on purchase histories through convenient communication channels.

Vladislav Buriy
Vladislav Buriy, Digital Marketing Manager at Dodo Pizza

«We monitor newsletter quality each month. We check to make sure that newsletters adhere to rules: a newsletter must be made through Mindbox, the text needs to contain a promo code or the terms of a given deal are understandable relayed, a city where this is all taking place is designated, as well as a time frame for the deal. If the newsletter does not adhere to at least one of these criteria, we remove points from the pizzerias marketing rating»‎.

«Newsletters are taken care of by local marketers, who usually evaluate their effectiveness, as they are the primary ones concerned with good results. We evaluated newsletter effectiveness in May when Mindbox was just being integrated and we needed to figure out how well this instrument works. We selected a few cases that had the best results pertaining to order quantity and revenue».

This success story was prepared by

Semen Minkaev

Semen Minkaev,Client happiness manager
Vladislav Buriy

Vladislav Buriy, Digital Marketing Manager at Dodo Pizza
Philip Volnov

Philip Volnov,Lead Manager