What Changes After Implementation?

Often things look like this —

Marketing IT

And that’s how it will look later, when IT and marketing become more friendly

Marketing IT

Onboarding stages

1 Prior to the agreement

  • Audit
  • Campaign planning
  • Evaluating schedules and IT integration prospects

2 Integration and launch

  • Free – 1 month of integration
  • Dedicated campaign configuration manager, IT follow-up, and training
  • Standard template design and layout

3 Refining details

  • Training in correct measurement of effects
  • Setting up communication frequency management algorithm
  • Identifying optimization leads

What you need to have

  • Marketer: campaigns and hypotheses
  • IT: integration capabilities


2 days

First mailing

1 month

All common mechanisms are operational

2 months

Loyalty program

Gradual campaign launch and expanding integration

All inclusive

  • Unlimited email traffic and message layout
  • Monthly payments don’t increase with order quantity
  • Dedicated manager for training and configuration efforts
  • Better than several services combined

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