Ad Optimization / Mindbox Reduce acquisition and retention costs with journey-based personalized ads that grab your customers’ attention.

Ad Optimization

Reduce acquisition and retention costs with personalized ads that grab customers’ attention
  • Audience segmentation
    Personalization happens based on customer data and omnichannel activity
  • View all audiences in a single data hub
    Aggregate customer data across Facebook, Google, MyTarget, and Criteo
  • Automatic data updates
    Mindbox directly uploads data to ad manager accounts daily for hassle-free updates
  • Data collection via lead forms
    Grow your customer base using contacts collected from Facebook or Instagram forms, which are automatically uploaded to Mindbox
Improved Segmentation With First-party Data

Personalize ads based on individual customer activity across channels

Reactivate churned customers faster and easier than ever

Find a lookalike audience based on loyal customer data

Fine-tune ad targeting by excluding uninterested customer segments

Keep Your Ad Campaigns Under One Roof

Manage all ad platform campaigns without switching tabs

Enjoy daily automatic data updates across platforms

Setup is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. Choose which ad manager to upload your audience to

2. Setup your account with simple menu options

3. Choose individual segments to add to your ad manager account

Streamline Data Collection With Built-in Lead Forms

Display forms on Facebook and Instagram for customer data acquisition

Automatically export lead form data to Mindbox with a few clicks

Eliminate the need for developers or separate integration platforms