CDP – Customer Data Platform / Mindbox Our CDP allows you to consolidate customer data into one, unified customer profile for a truly seamless customer journey.


Consolidate customer data into one, unified customer profile with end-to-end communication across the board
  • Unified customer profile
    Collect, merge and organize customer data with our CDP
  • Segments
    Use behavioral, transactional and personal data for better customer segmentation
  • Workflows
    Create a wide range of cross-channel workflows without writing a single line of code
  • Integrations
    Open API and ready-to-use integrations with CMS, CRM, ERP, POS, BI, mobile app, and digital wallets
  • Reports
    Prebuilt report dashboards and integrations with BI systems
Unified Customer Profile

The CDP automatically collects, organizes and merges customer-related data into a single, unified profile

Create custom field sets and questionnaires

Track page views, carts, orders, subscriptions, messages and promotions


Use a visual segment builder to create any customer segment

Build segments based on personal data or behavior across mobile, online and brick-and-mortar channels

Real-time or scheduled segment updates

Third-party segmentation support


Customizable triggers for any event

Visual marketing campaign workflow builder

Automated A/B testing

Use a single flow for communication, promotions, loyalty program, ad optimization and personalization

Orders, products, promo codes

Customizable region-based settings for items (pricing, stock, currency)

Custom fields for orders and products

No-code promo code generator

Externally generated promo code pool support


Customizable API

SDK and ready-to-use integrations

API Health Dashboard

Campaign and data monitoring

Detailed logs


750k RPM capability

SLA built into subscription

Transparent incident management (with a status page)

Fast, 300-ms order recalculation via the Loyalty and Promotion engine

Privacy & Security

CCPA- and GDPR-compliant

Manage passwords and block access after unsuccessful login attempts

Create user groups to fine-tune access rights

Access a downloadable log of user actions

Secure two-factor authentication via phone or email

Beauty stores
L’Oréal Luxe doubled its revenue from CRM communications
In order to double revenue from personalized communications, L’Oreal centralized data from the website, call center and offline boutiques into a single CDP, launched omnichannel communications via email & SMS and offered customers personalized discounts
Fashion retailers
United Colors of Benetton attracted 94,000 customers to their loyalty program
Discover how United Colors of Benetton attracted new customers to its loyalty program through personalized offers in digital wallets
Media & Publishers
Independent Media reduced the number of unsubscribers by 70%
The publishing house consolidated customer data across all projects, personalized mailings based on customer interests, and reduced the number of unsubscribers among readers of Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and other magazines
Fashion retailers
Tom Tailor attracted its online customers to offline stores
Discover how Tom Tailor reached its goals using an omnichannel loyalty program for online + offline stores, as well as product recommendations & omnichannel messages