Loyalty Programs / Mindbox Bonus points, coupon codes and discounts, personalized for each customer in your audience.

Loyalty Programs

Bonus points, coupon codes and discounts, personalized for each customer in your audience
  • Omnichannel
    Unified no-code engine for bonus points, promotions, coupons and personal discounts management. Online, brick-and-mortar stores, as well as mobile.
  • In the eCommerce store
    Product & gifts catalog. Personalized and bulk discount promotions, coupon codes
  • At the point of sale
    Personal messages are delivered on the receipts or slips. Text suggestions for the cashier on POS screen
  • In touch with the customer
    Customizable personal customer page, digital wallet cards, omnichannel personalized communication, including messaging, checkout, mobile app and the website
Bonus points rule engine

Bonus points accrual based on: product features and price,

set and number of products in the order

special offers on selected items

customer segmentation (i.e., RFM)

Built-in reporting showing effect in the revenue share or average order value increase

Digital Wallets

Bonus points account balance

Available promotions

Push notifications with location-based promotion or purchase reminders

Promotions and discounts

Bulk and personalized:

by sales channel, by specific region or a store

by customer segment

built-in promotion priority management

Gift card proccessing

Virtual and physical gift cards

Discount card number generation

Gift card configuration, including conditions

and expiration date

Coupon codes

Promo codes and coupon codes generation and redemption engine

Promotion configuration — fine-tune the promo validity period as well as the maximum acceptable discount

Can be flexibly combined with other promotions and bonus points offerings

Personal communications

Omnichannel messages

Customer authentication using verification code

Personalized messages delivered via receipts

Suggestions for the cashier on POS screen, for a customer during checkout, product catalog or a mobile app

Customizable personal customer page

Ready-to-use customer profile page template

Unified orders history

Bonus points account

Personalized promotions and offers

Personal data management

Product Catalog

Product layout templates

Built-in blocks with promotions and offers

Personal discounts, personal bonus points offers based on the product/customer/order segmentations

Product-as-a-gift mechanics

Ready-to-use integrations

New integrations are delivered instantly. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you set up a POS or software integration

Beauty stores
L’Oréal Luxe doubled its revenue from CRM communications
In order to double revenue from personalized communications, L’Oreal centralized data from the website, call center and offline boutiques into a single CDP, launched omnichannel communications via email & SMS and offered customers personalized discounts.
Fashion chain stores
Tom Tailor attracted its online customers to offline stores
Discover how the omnichannel loyalty program for online and offline stores, as well as product recommendations & omnichannel mailings helped Tom Tailor reach the desired result.
Fashion stores
United Colors of Benetton attracted 94,000 customers to the loyalty program
Discover how United Colors of Benetton attracted new customers to its loyalty program through personalized offers in Digital Wallets.
Total revenue increase by 4% through personalized in-app offers
Discover how Burger King increased its revenue by 4% through an app with personalized promotions and automated communications via mobile push notifications, mailings and self-service checkout kiosks in restaurants.