Multichannel communications / Mindbox Send automatic and personalized campaigns to customers - using their preferred channels and when the timing is right.

Multichannel communications

No-spam approach: Send personalized messages to customers via their favorite channels when the timing is right
  • Seven communication channels
    Email, SMS, WhatsApp, mobile and web push notifications, chatbots in messengers and web-chats
  • All campaign types
    Bulk campaigns, custom automated workflows, omnichannel cascade chains, A/B testing
  • Personalization
    Every message is generated in real-time, with personalized product recommendations, customer-specific promotions and available bonus points
  • Machine learning
    Product recommendations, Best Sending Time, Next Best Action

Automate marketing workflows based on schedules, system events or customer actions

Schedule bulk campaigns according to recipients’ time zones

Create A/B tests with ease in the visual builder

Generate real-time reports


Email, text and web push notifications

Telegram, Whatsapp and mobile push notifications

Webchat and chatbots

Cascade campaigns to cut costs and increase communication efficiency across channels


Visual email message composer

Master template with preset blocks

Dynamic AMP emails with interactive games and direct order placement capabilities


Automatic message template personalization based on customer data, including bonus points, prices and promos, stock availability, and recommendations

Data pools include loyalty membership, location, wishlist, abandoned carts, promos and more


Personal data, behavior and RFM sorting abilities

Website, POS and mobile app tracking data

Powerful segment recalculation capabilities to personalize campaigns in real-time

Machine learning driven

Fully customizable product recommendation rules

Choose from automated ML-driven recommendations or any degree of manual configuration

Customizable according to specific segments and market cases

Fashion stores
United Colors of Benetton attracted 94,000 customers to the loyalty program
Discover how United Colors of Benetton attracted new customers to its loyalty program through personalized offers in digital wallets.
Burger King's total revenue increased by 4% through personalized in-app offers
Discover how Burger King increased its revenue by 4% through an app with personalized promotions and automated communications via mobile push notifications, mailings and self-service checkout kiosks in restaurants.
Fashion retailers
Crocs launched 30 personalized email & web push communications
Discover how Crocs launched cross-channel communications across two channels and sells out new collections in just 40 minutes with the help of customer segmentation
Big box retailers
Metro Cash & Carry: +20% e‑commerce revenue in direct channels
Discover how Metro C&C centralized data in CDP, set up omnichannel cascaded mailings via email, mobile, web push notifications & SMS, launched personalized offers and discounts via promo codes to increase revenue by 20%.
Beauty stores
L’Oréal Luxe doubled its revenue from CRM communications
In order to double revenue from personalized communications, L’Oreal centralized data from the website, call center and offline boutiques into a single CDP, launched omnichannel communications via email & SMS and offered customers personalized discounts.