Website personalization / Mindbox Personalize your website automatically for each visitor using pop-ups, embedded blocks with dynamic content and ML-driven product recommendations.

Website personalization

Personalize your website with targeted pop-ups, built-in blocks with dynamic content, and ML-driven product recommendations
  • Grow your customer database
    Increase subscriber acquisition with smart pop-ups, dynamic lead forms, and custom email and web push subscription forms
  • Increase average order value
    Widgets with featured or recommended products, personalized banners with promos, extra bonus points offers, stories functionality, “social proof” campaigns
  • Drive conversion rate
    Highlight manual or ML-driven best sellers and personal product recommendations
Personalized Dynamic Content

Promotions and page content automatically populated based on individual customers' browsing history, gender and preferences

Social Proof and Urgency Banners

Highlight popular products

Display page views and order counter

Offer free shipping promotions to boost average order value

Lead Acquisition and Customer Satisfactions

Offer web push subscriptions

Utilize data collection forms for email, phone and personal information

Request reviews, feedback and NPS metrics

Widgets Powered By Machine Learning

Feature bestsellers

Spotlight personalized product recommendations

Control advanced widget design and settings directly within the platform interface

Advanced customization

Choose from dozens of premade templates or create your own

Select built-in dynamic blocks or pop-ups

Customize dynamic content, conditions and design for pop-ups

Preview pop-ups across platforms in test mode to ensure cross-compatibility

Enable precision targeting for an ultra-customized website experience

Better Reporting

Transform data into actionable insights with reporting tools and the efficiency funnel

View campaign reports and efficiency funnels of individual campaigns for more precise data

Big box retailers
Metro Cash & Carry: +20% e‑commerce revenue in direct channels
Discover how Metro C&C increased their revenue by 20%, centralized data using a CDP, set up omnichannel cascaded messages, and launched personalized offers & discounts
Women’s Lingerie
Incanto achieved 519% ROI from marketing automation
Discover how website product recommendations and personalized communications helped the lingerie brand boost their revenue
Fashion retailers
United Colors of Benetton attracted 94,000 customers to the loyalty program
Discover how United Colors of Benetton attracted new customers to its loyalty program through personalized offers in digital wallets
Fashion retailers
Tom Tailor attracted its online customers to offline stores
Discover how Tom Tailor reached its goals using an omnichannel loyalty program for online + offline stores, as well as product recommendations & omnichannel messages