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Beethoven’s Story: How The Pet Store Chain Uses a Neural Network to Forecast Best Sending Time, Segments Its Audience, Uses Targeted Bulk Campaigns, and Reactivates Its Invalid Database
12.5% of publishers now join via emails. How Admitad Partner Network automated communications with webmasters
Uploading the audience from CDP into ad accounts helped restaurant consulting company Italy & Co. reduce lead costs by 2.5 times
Miele Increased Their Revenue from Personalized Marketing by 21.6%
Travel Affiliate Network automated direct marketing and reduced affiliate churn
Tefal Doubled its Revenue from Direct Marketing Thanks to Customer Base Segmentation, Trigger-Based Emails, and A/B Tests
L’Oréal Luxe doubles revenue from CRM-communications and launches Lancôme loyalty program
METRO AG makes $20 billion a year online. Amounting to 10% of its total revenue in Russia
Bausch + Lomb CIS: from zero to hundreds of thousands of customers in the database thanks to the CDP and loyalty program
Tom Tailor: How to Encourage Offline Customers to Buy Online
A Surgeon and a Programmer Set Up an IT Company that Today Brings in Hundreds of Millions in Revenue — How Therapy and Quitting Smoking Helped