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Marketing automation at Birkenstock: changed company organizational structure, found and fixed sales funnel bottleneck, increased sales
How Jivo Increased Conversions to the Paid Version by 35.5% in their Welcome Email Chain
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Tefal Doubled its Revenue from Direct Marketing Thanks to Customer Base Segmentation, Trigger-Based Emails, and A/B Tests
METRO Marketing Automation: 20% of E-commerce Revenue Through Direct channels, One Customer in Three Roles, Promotion Processing
L’Oréal Luxe doubles revenue from CRM-communications and launches Lancôme loyalty program
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How the New iOS Will Transform Email Marketing. Challenges and Solutions for Businesses
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What is RFM Analysis?
METRO AG makes $20 billion a year online. Amounting to 10% of its total revenue in Russia
12 STOREEZ generates 30% of its revenue through direct communications. 6 A/B tests and their results.
United Colors of Benetton increased customer LTV by 10.3% year-on-year with experimental loyalty program tools
Bausch + Lomb CIS: from zero to hundreds of thousands of customers in the database thanks to the CDP and loyalty program
Tom Tailor: How to Encourage Offline Customers to Buy Online
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How to Use a Neural Network to Determine the Best Sending Time for an Email and Increase Mailing Revenue by 8.5 times