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Nationwide flower delivery service Blossom Flower launched 38 automated campaigns over the course of a month and received a ROI of 426% on marketing automation
Elfsight: How Marketing Automation Can Benefit a SaaS Company for Small Businesses
Beethoven’s Story: How The Pet Store Chain Uses a Neural Network to Forecast Best Sending Time, Segments Its Audience, Uses Targeted Bulk Campaigns, and Reactivates Its Invalid Database
Decathlon launched a loyalty program in 62 stores and identified 44% of offline purchases in three months
How Jivo Increased Conversions to the Paid Version by 35.5% in their Welcome Email Chain
Marketing Automation for the OctaZone mobile training app
Travel Affiliate Network Automated Direct Marketing and Reduced Affiliate Churn
METRO Marketing Automation: 20% of E-commerce Revenue Through Direct Channels, One Customer in Three Roles, Promotion Processing
METRO AG makes $20 billion a year online. Amounting to 10% of its total revenue in Russia
12 STOREEZ Generates Over 30% of Its Revenue Through Direct Communications. 6 A/B Tests and Their Results.
United Colors of Benetton increased customer LTV by 10.3% year-on-year with experimental loyalty program tools
Bausch + Lomb CIS: from zero to hundreds of thousands of customers in the database thanks to the CDP and loyalty program
Marketing automation at Birkenstock helped the company change their organizational structure, find and fix sales funnel bottleneck, and increase sales
Miele Increased Their Revenue from Personalized Marketing by 21.6%
Tom Tailor: How to Encourage Offline Customers to Buy Online
L’Oréal Luxe Doubled Revenue from CRM Communications and Launched the Lancôme Loyalty Program
Tefal Doubled its Revenue from Direct Marketing Thanks to Customer Base Segmentation, Trigger-Based Emails, and A/B Tests
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How to Use a Neural Network to Determine the Best Sending Time for an Email and Increase Mailing Revenue by 8.5 times
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